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Soil Health and Crop Nutrition

Overuse of agrochemicals is eroding yields, damaging soils, and releasing trapped carbon, so we’ve developed a range of nature-based alternatives that restore soils. By prioritizing farmers’ needs, we also found a way to eliminate carbon emissions.

No-Burn Rice Farming
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Yetagon Farm Advisory Services

Bigger farm profits, lower emissions

Over the past four years, we’ve been transitioning our Yetagon product line to achieve not only farm income impacts but soil and biodiversity restoration and climate mitigation impacts as well.

  • No-Burn Rice Farming
  • Rice Seed Selection
  • Fertilizer Management
  • Soil Health Diagnostic Service

No-Burn Rice Farming

Farmers are vital stewards of the land, and in Myanmar they are looking for practical alternatives to their centuries-old practice of open-field burning of crop residues in between cropping seasons. That’s why we have worked directly with several hundred farmers to co-create the No-Burn Rice Farming Practice that effectively decomposes crop residues within two weeks or less.

Average Yield Increase, per Season (per acre): 8%
Available Since: 2023

When It Rains, It Pours

A human-centered study

Sesame: Myanmar’s forgotten crop. Overshadowed by paddy, sesame is the second most farmed foodstuff in Myanmar, grown by over half a million in the country’s Central Dry Zone.

For our newest book we’ve again teamed up with our friends at Studio D Radiodurans to conduct an in-depth, on the ground study of the challenges Myanmar’s sesame farmers face. The insights generated will fuel the expansion of our products and services to reach over 100,000 sesame farming families over the next few years.

Discover the potential of Sesame

Paddy to Plate

Foundational research

6 designers. 19,227 photos. 120 ethnographic interviews. 500+ miles on motorbikes.

We teamed up with Studio D Radiodurans to explore the current state of rice farming and uncover new opportunities for supporting Myanmar’s smallholder farmers. The result is our book, Paddy to Plate. These in-depth insights drive the design of our agronomy services to meet the needs and contexts of our customers.

Explore Myanmar's rice ecosystem
No-Burn Farming by the numbers
1,611 US PPP

Total net income increase per monsoon season

15,000 Active customers

Customers in the previous year since launching

3,739 Tons of CO2

Tons of CO2-equivalent emissions avoided

60,000 Acres

Improved soil health