Our Innovations

Pest and Disease Services

Farmers in Myanmar were isolated for decades without access to basic farming advances. These days they are eager to catch up and get connected to new technologies. We’re filling the gap by offering pest and disease services through new, low-cost channels.

Farming knowledge is power

Pest-free fields, cash-full coffers

Farming is an extremely complex activity that requires making hundreds of decisions throughout the cropping cycle. Traditional farm extension is delivered through the public sector but has limited availability in Myanmar. Because vital agronomy knowledge is lacking, Myanmar has some of the lowest yields in the world. On top of it all, farmers are on the front lines of climate change, facing higher risks of losing their crops due to extreme weather patterns.

To combat this, we offer a set of agronomy services that are practical, low-cost and result in higher yields and reduced risk.

Yetagon Farm Advisory Services

New alternatives to chemicals

Through Yetagon, our Myanmar product line, we provide a range of services to support farmers throughout the growing season. These specialized services include everything from products that integrate biofungicides to our on-call agronomy team. Through these services, we teach farmers simple and best-fit techniques that will help them and their families for generations to come.

  • Biologicals: Trichoderma
  • Accessible Pest Treatments

Biologicals: Trichoderma

The antidote to costly, synthetic inputs and a jack of all trades biofungicide. Getting Trichoderma into the hands of farmers helps them control plant disease, strengthen root growth, improve soil quality and make nutrients more available for plants. It even fights off the common black stem disease in sesame crops.

Average Yield Increase: 17%
Available Since: 2020


Meeting farmers where they are

Many rural families in Myanmar live in remote places, which affects their ability to access the most up-to-date farming advisory support. So we bring it to them. We deliver our services through a network of field agronomists who travel on boats, buses and motorbikes to reach hundreds of villages.

We’re always aiming to make it easier for farmers to access knowledge. To provide services at lower costs and leverage the in-person trust we’ve built, we also use a Facebook Messenger chatbot, Viber, SMS and a contact center and hotline as delivery channels. This brings timely, targeted knowledge straight to farmers’ phones.

Rice fields and grapevines

85% of our customers share what they learn from our services with others in their communities, leading to lasting scalable impact beyond the reach of our staff.

His acres are the best in the village now. Everyone asks him for advice!

- U Tin Oo, neighbor of our customer, U Khin Maung Than, Aye Ywar Village

Yetagon Farm Advisory Services by the numbers
228 townships

Total townships served

38,997 Active customers

Customers in the last two years

72,000 Customers

Target for FY24

436 US PPP

Annual average income increase per customer

The farm advisory squad

Agronomists, soil scientists, farmers and technologists make up the 225-member team supporting farmers throughout the season in over 3,700 villages nationwide.