Join us in the paddy field

Shape the future of Myanmar farming

We see dozens of opportunities to make a real impact on the lives of Myanmar’s rural families, and we need talented, motivated individuals to move them beyond ideas and towards real action.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference in Myanmar, have the determination and skills to make things happen, and you like rice, then get to know us a little better below. We’d love to hear from you.

Why work with us?

  • Make your mark

    Everyone plays a role in the impact we create for rural farmers. Our flat structure allows team members from all levels of the organization to make decisions and share ideas that drive us forward.
  • Thoughtful space

    We transformed an old hot pot restaurant into a vibrant Yangon headquarters. Bright and airy with an open floor plan, our space is designed for collaboration, comfort and community.
  • Grow together

    From mentoring to our in-house training, there are lots of ways to grow. Our team members have the autonomy and support to try new things and get out of their comfort zone.
  • Adventure is out there

    Get out of the office and into the village. There are tons of opportunities to get to know and serve our customers across rural Myanmar.
  • Transparent

    You'll know what's going on. We share our financials, strategy and decision-making widely. We're an open book.
  • Great colleagues

    We hire smart, talented and nice people from Myanmar and around the globe. And we do lots of stuff together, from team lunches to after-work sports, water festival shenanigans and more.

Myanmar through and through

You can find us in our Yangon office, the design lab, in the rice field, at the village restaurant, under the gourd trellis. Wherever and whatever it takes to fully understand a problem. In the process, we get to know our customers, and each other, pretty well.

Not your average 9-5

Proximity has grown rapidly over the last few years, but our workplace vision has always remained the same – to be a creative, collaborative working environment ripe for innovation.

Proximity School

Skills for the next generation of talent

Staying ahead of the game, and making sure we’re always equipped to tackle the tough stuff, means investing in our skills and creating opportunities to learn new ones. We do this, in part, through Proximity School, our in-house professional development program providing hard and soft skills training to all staff at every level of the organization.

We offer approximately ten unique courses a year ranging from communication skills to building a growth mindset to data analysis. Each Proximity team member receives an average of nine hours of training per month. The learning happens in Proximity School’s designated campus space in our Yangon headquarters and also takes place in our branch offices throughout the country. The emphasis is on gaining practical, relevant knowledge, that will have a tangible impact on their work. Classes are delivered with a twist – creativity, colorful post-its, teamwork and brainstorming are the order of the day.

Beyond the School curriculum, we’re supportive of international training opportunities at INSEAD, Stanford, Harvard, Autodesk University and other leading institutions worldwide. The School helps empower a workforce that takes ownership within the organization, and drives us forward.


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