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Farm Tech

Practical, hands-on technology can dramatically improve the productivity and sustainability of farmland. We offer a line of climate-smart irrigation systems designed for big impact.

Rural game changers

Reducing time, increasing yields

Good irrigation is the key to strong agricultural output, yet for many farmers in Myanmar, water management is a continuous challenge. Relying on ancient and labor-intensive methods has kept farmers’ productivity low and costs high. As a result, Myanmar has one of the lowest percentages of irrigated farmland in Asia.

There’s huge potential for impact here. Our Yetagon products are designed to replace the back-breaking and time-consuming work of hauling water from the well to the fields. A full irrigation set can cost a farmer just $100, but reduce labor time to minutes and significantly increase yields.

Yetagon Irrigation Products

High-tech tools, smallholder price tag

Yetagon is the Burmese word for waterfall. It’s also the brand name for our portfolio of farm tech products including sprinkler and drip irrigation, solar-powered water pumps, sensors and precision planting. We’re taking new agricultural tech and redesigning it for small-plot growers.

  • Online Drip Emitter
  • Small Multi-angle Mister
  • Medium Multi-angle Mister
  • Ground Sprayer

Online Drip Emitter

Customizable, low pressure, precision irrigation, delivering water right to the root.

Price: 18,000 kyats / 13 USD
Area Coverage: 1 acres

Designed in 2019

Solar irrigation pump play_circle_filled

Meet the Lotus — one of the lowest-cost solar pumps in the world. It makes clean, quiet running water a possibility for growers previously reliant on dirty diesel engines.

At $350, the Lotus is one of the pricier products in our line, and we’ve designed a rent-to-own program to ensure it gets into the hands of the customers who need it most.

Designed in Myanmar

Myanmar has gone through incredible changes and we’ve been changing, too. At the forefront of farm tech for the last 19 years, we began by introducing the humble treadle pump. A few years later, we were the first to introduce drip irrigation, and subsequently, sprinkler irrigation and solar-powered pumps.

All of our products are designed on location by our in-house design lab, based on feedback from farmers.

Creating value every day

In addition to reducing the time and drudgery of manual watering, by using our products, farmers are able to diversify the crops they grow and focus on higher value crops. Often they are able to expand their acreage under cultivation and extend the growing season. All this leads to improved productivity and higher incomes.

Going the last mile

Getting products to remote Myanmar farmers is no small feat. We employ a strong network of local distributors, sales representatives and an online ordering channel to sell our products nationwide.

I used to pray that summer would end sooner because hauling water was so exhausting. Now that I've installed drip, summer can last as long as it likes.

- U Hla Ngwe, Latpanton Village

Yetagon Irrigation by the numbers
223 Townships

Townships served

250 Dollars

Annual median income increase per customer

20,000 Customers

Target for FY23

112,617 Users

Current active users

The crew that makes it happen

The farm tech team is made up of around 130 individuals nationwide. Here are just a few of our team leaders: Oak Soe, Win Win Htwe, Sai Han Linn, Thin Thin Htwe, Soe Paing, Kaung Htay Swe, Kyaw Kyaw Win and Toe Lin.