Small farms big ideas

Proximity Designs is a social business in Myanmar. We design and deliver affordable, income-boosting products that complement the entrepreneurial spirit of rural families.

Our Platform

Smart design for a country in transition

We’ve created Myanmar’s largest agricultural services platform — farm technology, advising and finance — to help small family farms be profitable.

Empathy-driven design

Myanmar’s farmers have been neglected for decades. Every day we witness how they face the complex and evolving problems of farming. We listen, observe and learn. From this deep knowledge, we design and bring to market products and services to meet their changing needs.

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Impact is everything

Across our platform, we’re now engaging with over 250,000 new customers a year, on top of the over 1.4 million we’ve already served. These families see an average of $275 annual income increase as a result — a life-changing amount for those living on less than $3 a day.

See the impact

When customers’ incomes improve, their families no longer worry about putting food on the table. They can afford to keep their children in school, invest in farming and have time to pursue additional opportunities. They pay for health care, upgrade their homes, save for family celebrations and give donations. Most importantly, our customers feel confident and hopeful to pursue their dreams.

It takes a team

Be part of something powerful

We’re revolutionizing agriculture across Myanmar, giving millions of underserved farmers the same access to new and well-designed technology as the world’s leading farmers. This demands the brightest minds thinking creatively together. We’re an 900+ strong team of driven and energetic folks on a mission.

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