Small farms big ideas

Proximity Designs is a social business in Myanmar. We design and deliver affordable, income-boosting products that complement the entrepreneurial spirit of rural families.

Our Innovations

Designed for stewards of the land

As they adapt to droughts, floods, and influxes of pests and disease, Myanmar’s farmers are on the global frontlines of climate change. Our innovations are built to address their most pressing needs.

Multi-channel accessibility

Over the last two decades, we have built out easily available and wide-ranging channels so our customers can get our offerings when they need them, close to home.

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Navigating 20 years of change

Faced with natural disasters, economic turmoil and political upheaval, Myanmar’s farmers have learned to adapt over the last two decades. We’ve adapted alongside them.

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Collaboration beyond borders

We have an unyielding local focus, but the issues farmers face in Myanmar resonate globally. Across the world, smallholder communities bear the brunt of extreme weather. They are also powerful partners in climate mitigation. 


That’s why Proximity Designs is part of the Climate Action for Smallholders Coalition. We are seven organizations enjoying trusted relationships with millions of smallholder land managers across the Global South. Find out how  farmers reap the value they deserve for their vital contribution to ecosystem preservation.

Local, on-the-ground leadership

The driving force behind our designs has always been leadership from people embedded in the communities we serve. Most of our senior leaders are from Myanmar, and over two thirds are women.

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